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      1. Call Us Toll-Free: 1-866-923-2665

        Computer & Electronics

        Empack computer care products offer solutions for a range of electronics including computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops.?? Empack manufactures various air dusters, screen cleaners and surface cleaners to clean and help maintain equipment at home and around the office.

        Computer Care & Cleaners

        • Air Dusters (Compressed Gas Dusters)
        • Mini Air Duster
        • Screen Cleaner Non-Drip Foam (LCD, LED, Plasma)
        • Screen Cleaner Sprays (LCD, LED, Plasma)
        • Screen Cleaner Kits
        • TV Screen Cleaners (LCD & Plasma)
        • Microfibre Cloths
        • Keyboard Cleaners
        • Keyboard and Surface Sanitizer
        • Screen Cleaning Wipes (LCD, LED, Plasma)
        • CD and DVD Disc Cleaner
        • Contact Cleaner
        • Head Cleaner